How many Game of Thrones guitars did Fender make?


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Hereof, how do you play Game of Thrones theme on guitar?

Moreover, what is Fender’s most popular guitar? These are the best Fender guitar options.

  • 1) Fender Player Telecaster HH.
  • 2) Fender Deluxe P-Bass Special.
  • 3) Fender American Standard Stratocaster.
  • 4) Fender Mexican Standard Stratocaster.
  • 5) Fender Mexican Standard Telecaster.
  • 8) Fender American Standard Telecaster.
  • 9) Fender Standard Jazz master HH.

Likewise, people ask, what is the GOT theme song called?

Game of Thrones Theme

Who is in fender Game of Thrones?

Tom Morello, Scott Ian, Brad Paisley Jam On Metal Version Of ‘Game Of Thrones’ Theme: Watch. The metal maniacs shred the “Game of Thrones” theme song on the new Sigil Collection Guitars from the Fender Custom Shop.

Who played the Game of Thrones guitars?

The clip features Tom Morello, Anthrax’s Scott Ian and Extreme’s Nuno Bettencourt and they’re playing on a set of Fender’s Game Of Thrones-inspired guitars. The trio are also joined by the show’s co-creator and showrunner D.B.

Who played the Game of Thrones theme?

Game of Thrones Theme

“Game of Thrones Main Title Theme”
Genre Television soundtrack
Length 1:46
Label Varèse Sarabande
Songwriter(s) Ramin Djawadi

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